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BOC has been providing quality sleep therapy to patients in Australia for years.

As part of the Linde Group, we have extensive global and local experience treating patients with sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea. We offer the latest Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) equipment and expert support to improve our patients' sleep, prevent snoring and help them feel more energetic during the day.


At BOC, we supply a wide range of devices, masks and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Fisher&Paykel and ResMed. These are carefully tested at our own innovation and development centre for functionality, safety, usability and maintainability. BOC is the incumbent CPAP and oxygen equipment and service provider for ACT Health and Department of Veterans' Affairs.


We do more than simply provide our patients with the CPAP equipment they need. Throughout our customised sleep program, our qualified sleep therapists guide patients to choose the right device and mask and provide one-on-one advice. With our dedicated support, patients can reap the full benefits of their CPAP therapy.

Meet our sleep therapists

Our trained therapists support you every step towards better sleep.



Sleep Services Manager, SA

Kym began her career in sleep care in 2008 in Adelaide, where she worked for a sleep physician managing the CPAP operations of the practice. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing (Registered Nurse), and most recently she completed a Sleep Technicians’ Course at the University of Sydney in 2012. Kym believes good sleep is just as important to health and well-being as a good diet and exercise. As an expert in sleep care, she is motivated to help people whose physical or mental health is compromised because of lack of sleep to reach their full potential. 



Sleep Services Manager, Newcastle

Julieth worked in emergency rooms and intensive care units before embarking on a career in sleep care five years ago. She has completed a Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy and has extensive experience in CPAP education and ongoing support to new and existing patients. Because people with sleeping disorders require ongoing support during the diagnostic and treatment stages, Julieth believes it is important to establish a close and trustworthy relationship with patients to be able to assess their needs, provide an appropriate therapy and obtain a successful therapy outcome. When she’s not working, Julieth likes to relax by reading, walking her dogs and being outdoors.



Senior Sleep Therapist

Tracey started her career in BOC Sleepcare seven years ago as a mobile therapist. She has extensive experience in CPAP implementation and diagnostics as well as conducting in-home education for home oxygen patients. Tracey’s motivation for providing excellent therapy and support to CPAP patients lies with the patients themselves. She loves seeing patients one or more years into therapy being happy, healthy and full of energy. Outside of work, Tracey loves yoga, reading and fostering dogs on behalf of an animal rescue organisation. 



Senior Sleep Therapist

Julie has 13 years’ experience in the sleep care industry, including home sleep study testing, obstructive sleep apnoea screening, oximeter testing, and Bi-level, CPAP machine and mask set ups. She has completed the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Sleep Medicine course and is currently finishing her Bachelor of Medical Science-Clinical Physiology program. She believes that patient education and face-to-face support in the initial stages of CPAP therapy is vital to helping patients achieve optimal results. Julie thinks that the most rewarding aspect of her work is helping patients to regain their energy, health and ability to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.


Yu Xin

Senior Sleep Therapist

Yu Xin has been with the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research since 2010 and is currently a Senior Sleep Therapist at our Glebe location. Originally from Singapore, Yu Xin attended high school in Australia and obtained her Bachelor of Medical Science (Biochemistry) from the University of Sydney. She is a dedicated researcher who is interested in developing convenient and comfortable therapies that allow patients to receive the full benefits of their customised therapy. 



Sleep Therapist

Robie has over a decade of experience in sleep and respiratory therapy products. Through her extensive experience, training and passion for patient care, Robie is able to tailor her service to each patient’s needs in order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome. Her priority is to ensure that all her patients feel they have received the best advice and individualised care. Outside of work Robie enjoys sports and outdoor activities, entertaining and spending time with family and friends. She gains much satisfaction from her work and being able to help patients improve their quality of life.



Homecare Diagnostic Coordinator

Danielle has worked for BOC since the opening of the Kent Town Sleepcare Centre in 2011. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Adelaide. As part of the BOC Sleepcare team, Danielle is dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for all CPAP patients through clear diagnosis and a positive introduction to therapy. She is motivated to see the overall health and well being of our patients continually improving as a result of CPAP therapy. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys catching up with family and close friends, spending time outdoors and travelling.

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Since I purchased and started using a CPAP machine in January 2011, the quality of my sleep is much better and I am more alert and energetic in the day. It does take a bit of getting used to, but persistence pays. I appreciated the staff especially at BOC Clayton for their patience, understanding and assistance in helping me to adjust to the use of the machine in the beginning, and now whenever I have any issues with the machine or require any adjustments, I know that I can always count on them for their ongoing support and service with a smile, for which I am very grateful.

Thank you, BOC. I would always recommend my family and friends to purchase from you if they needed a CPAP machine.
— Jenny in VIC, 2014