Home Sleep Study Preparation

All you need to know prior to your home sleep diagnostic study.

STEP 1: 

Your sleep study will begin at the BOC partner confirmed by our customer service team. A sleep therapist will fit you with a sleep testing device. This comprises approximately eight wires on the face and chest that connect to a portable device that sits on the chest.

As you will have visible wires around your face, we recommend you avoid using public transport.

The device will not restrict your mobility. You will be able to drive but may prefer to be driven by a friend or relative.


STEP 2: 

Please bring your Medicare card, identification and any benefit cards (e.g. DVA, Health Care Cards).


STEP 3: 

On the day of your home sleep study, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt as the device will go on top of what you're wearing.

Please shower before your sleep study as once the electrodes and wires are applied you will not be able to shower until the next morning.


If you are normally clean-shaven, please shave before your sleep study.


Please try to avoid nail polish as you will be wearing a finger oximeter.

Global_Man_on_bed 960x396.jpg


When you return home, please rest and sleep as you normally would. The sleep study is a record of your typical night’s sleep.



When you wake up the next morning, remove the sleep study equipment yourself and answer the post sleep study questionnaire provided by your sleep technician.


STEP 6: 

Please return the sleep study equipment to the provider before 12pm the morning after your sleep study.


STEP 7: 

A copy of your results will be sent to your referring physician within 2-3 weeks of the test.

Please remember to book a follow up appointment with your physician to discuss your results.