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BiPAP+A30 (1).jpeg



Ease of use and therapy efficacy.
The BiPAP A30 has been designed to combine ease-of-use with technology advancements
that adapt to the patient's condition to deliver enhanced therapy.

- Ease of use
- Integrated heated humidifier
- Platform design continuity
- AVAPS hybrid ventilation control
- Enhanced data management software

- Intuitive, friendly and colour user interface
- Helps to reduce water ingress and rainout problems
- Quiet device featuring the same look and feel as the whole Philips Respironics CPAP range
- Helping to delivery the right pressure at the right time so your needs are constantly being met
- Providing up to 1 year of detailed ventilation data

- Carry case
- Heated breathing tube
- Air filter
- Humidifier

Philips Respironics

- Ventilation modes CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T
- Hybrid ventilation AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support)
- AVAPS rate 0.5 to 5cm H2O/min
- IPAP 4–30cm H2O
- EPAP 4–25cm H2O
- Target tidal volume (when AVAPS enabled) 200 – 1500ml
- Breath rate 0–40 BPM (4–40 BPM in T mode)
- Inspiratory time 0.5–3 sec.
- Triggering and cycling Digital Auto-TRAK algorithm
- Rise time 1 (100ms) – 6 (600ms)
- Dimensions: 190mm (l) x 216mm (w) x 115mm (h)
- Weight 2.1 kgs (with power supply)
- Noise level < 30 dBA at 10cm H2O
- Humidification System One humidity control and ‘Dry Box’ technology
- Alarms Patient disconnection
- Apnoea
- Low minute ventilation
- Low tidal volume (with AVAPS only)
- High respiratory rate
- Monitoring Pressure, tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiratory rate, Leak, I/E ratio
- DC Power Supply: 12 VDC, 5.0 A (external battery), 24 VDC, 4.2 A

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